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July 16, 2020

Junkie XL's King Kong Theme

Junkie XL's Godzilla Theme

Godzilla Singular Point Trailer 3

Ultraman Leo Mill Creek Release:

Shout! Factory King Kong (1976) Blu-Ray

Pacific Rim: The Black Trailer 

Second Godzilla Singular Point Teaser

Shin Ultraman Trailer

Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer

Godzilla Showa Era Soundtracks on Vinyl

Warner Brothers' Full 2021 Lineup Debuting Simultaneously in Theaters and on HBO Max

Godzilla vs. Kong Likely to Go Straight to Streaming

Gamera Showa Era Collection

Gamera Heisei Era Collection

Gamera Heisei Era Steelbook

Ultraman Taro Steelbook

Ultraman Taro Blu-Ray

Godzilla Singular Point Teaser

Godzilla Singular Point

Mill Creek Ultraman Ginga Release

Tremors: Shrieker Island Info 

Mill Creek Hammer Film Collection

Marvel's The Rise of Ultraman Trailer

Mill Creek Ultraman R/B Release

Netflix Ultraman Season 2 Teaser

Arrow Video Gamera Collection Trailer

GvK Delayed

Junkie XL to Score GvK

Mill Creek The H-Man/Battle in Outer Space Blu-Ray

Godzilla vs. Kong Rating

Mill Creek Neo Ultra Q Release

Ultraman Z


Eminem "Godzilla" Music Video

Fist Look at Marvel Ultraman Comic

Gamera Arrow Video Collection

Godzilla: KOTM Nominated for a Razzie 

Anaconda Reboot in the Works

Mill Creek April Ultraman Releases:

Eminem's New "Godzilla" Song

Godzilla in A New Anime Film

GvK Headed for Reshoots

First Look at Shin Ultraman

Godzilla vs. Kong Footage

Mill Creek Ultraman Releases:

Ultraman Marvel Comics

Godzilla vs. Kong Delayed

Upcoming Godzilla Theme Park Attraction 

Vulture Article Ranking Showa Era Films

SRS Cinema:

Godzilla: KOTM HISHE

Godzilla: KOTM Honest Trailer

Mill Creek Ultraman November Releases:

Godzilla: KOTM in 4K on Amazon

New Mobile Game in Development

Article on New Ultraman Movie 

FYE's Exclusive King Kong vs. Godzilla Steelbook 

Criterion's Godzilla Collection 

Links to Mill Creek's Upcoming Ultraman releases on Amazon: 

Updates on Pacific Rim Anime

Tadao Takashima Passes Away at 88

Netflix Renews Ultraman for a Second Season

ICv2 Article on New Godzilla Card Game

Godzilla vs. Kong Teaser Banner

Mothra Steelbook Link 

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